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Coordinate and connect various capabilities to enable, capture and sustain value


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At Trillia Networks, through our strong passion for technology, innovation and leadership, we aspire to drive positive change in global health. Our business and technology connects people, communities and organisation in an efficient, sustainable and trusted environment. 

Our purpose, culture and team


We are united in a vision to empower the global health industry and the people, communities and organisations within it. We strive to create meaningful ecosystems that easily connect the needs of buyers and sellers by laying strong foundations for the building of marketplace networks. 

Our modularised platform technology allows anyone to coordinate and interconnect the various facets of the health industry's ecosystem to enable, capture and sustain value across the value-creation lifecycle.

Our marketplace network


Trillia Networks enables buyers, suppliers and partners to interact across the value chain through a complete marketplace experience. Learn more about our powerful features and robust tools.

Trillia's features

Dinuke Ranasinghe

Chief Executive Officer,
Trillia Networks

"Sustainability creates significant opportunities for every organisation - large or small. Sustainability through innovation creates 'smart sourcing' capabilities, achieves better equipment utilisation, and enables circular economy initiatives to reduce waste and surplus.
The impact of becoming more sustainable is tremendous, and all organisations have a role to play. Not only do we achieve financial and social benefits, but more importantly, we collectively have the chance to transform the world. Trillia supports the SDGs because now is the time that organisations can, and should, stand up - be counted - and be part of something bigger than themselves."


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